Psychologists use psychotherapy help people of all ages live productive, happy, and healthy lives. Psychologists usually have special training in understanding research that helps them incorporate the latest, most proven strategies in their practice. Psychologists use research-supported techniques to help people develop more accurate perspectives and effective habits. There are several approaches to psychotherapy, including cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal and behavioral. Psychotherapy is a collaboration, and it is based on the relationship between an individual and a psychologist. Most therapy focuses on individuals, although psychotherapists also work with couples, families and groups. Involvement of the whole family is often important when working with children and adolescents.


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Dr. Hirsch is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Specialist in School Psychology who has worked with children, adolescents, and families since 1998. Dr. Hirsch provides individual treatment for adolescents and young adults struggling with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and adjustment issues (e.g, life transitions, family stress, and relationship concerns), as well as for children and adolescents suffering from elimination disorders (i.e., enuresis and/or encopresis) or struggling with toilet training.


14015 Park Dr. suite 110
Tomball , TX 77375
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Dr. Alicia Snow is a psychologist specializing Cognitive Behavior Therapy with individual, couples and families, and maintains a private practice in Tomball, Texas. Dr. Snow is a practical, interactive, solution-focused therapist.Dr. Snow has expertise in anxiety disorders (OCD, Panic Attacks, Generalized Anxiety Disorder), Pervasive Developmental Disorders (High Functioning Autism/Asperger’s)  and Medical Psychology (helping clients with psychological issues that arise secondary to medical diagnosis like cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes and heart disease. 


Eskridge Psychological Associates, PLLC
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Dr. Laura has worked and consulted in many settings, including public schools, community agencies, and residential treatment centers. She provides interventions and therapies for Autism Spectrum Disorders. She also provides educational consultation.

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