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Psychological testing is often an important step in receiving effective mental health services. These services seek to explain problems that affect behavior, emotions, thinking, and relating to others. Some psychologists receive extended specialty training in assessing and diagnosing complex, clinical conditions. These conditions are not perfectly defined by science, and they all share some common symptoms. It is recommended that you look for an evaluator who will spend time collecting information from multiple sources, who will consider a range of possible diagnoses, and who will carefully attend to all of your concerns. Testing should usually occur across multiple appointments, not a single sitting. It is also useful to look for an assessor who writes thorough, authoritative reports. As diagnosing mental health conditions is difficult, some disorders have a reputation for misdiagnosis and over-diagnosis. A report, if thorough and well-written, can bring consistency to how a child is understood by schools, psychiatrists, counselors, and other caregivers. It can be difficult for laypersons to judge whether the psychological report they receive is adequate or not. Please use our menus to view doctoral-level psychologist evaluators in Cypress and the Northwest Houston area.

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